As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

Therefore Vittorio Restaurant prepared for you something really special!

Every weekday morning, from 10am until 11am, you can enjoy our new breakfast!

If you are looking for a perfect place to have a business meeting and a proper breakfast, we have many delicious options to choose from!

Start your day off right in Vittorio Restaurant!

Eggs Benedict,
homemade English muffin (2 pcs)

Poached egg,
English muffin, avocado, sauce Hollandaise  (2 pcs)

Debreziner sausages,
Dijon mustard, homemade bread

Almond French toast,
fresh fruits, amaretto crème fraîche

Quinoa porridge
with vanilla & fresh forest fruits

with butter & strawberry marmalade

Smoothie 0,3l (kefir, banana, strawberry)

Smoothie 0,3l (kefir, mango, spinach)

and other cold and hot drinks according to the drink list.