Let´s talk BBQ…. The season has just started and who doesn´t enjoy a good bbq!  But let´s be honest, the whole hassle with shopping and preparing it all is not that fun anymore… 🤨 so how about letting Vittorio Restaurant taking care of it all? With our perfectly prepared packages, all that´s left for you to do is start the fire and grill like a pro  😉

We would like to offer you 3 different types of BBQ packages: “Czech style“, „Italian“ style and „Gourmet style“.

Czech style BBQ package (300,- Kč)

BBQ: pork collar marinated in mustard and herbs (100 g), chicken breast marinated in jogurt and chilli (100 g), Camembert marinated in rosmarin (1 pc)

Salsa: honey-mustard, Cumberland

Sides: foil baked potatoes, pickled peppers, gherkins, and onions

Italian style BBQ package (500,- Kč)

BBQ: marinated salsiccia aglio olio (100 g), calamari stuffed with zucchini, aubergine and ventricina (100 g), beef skirt steak with salsa verde (100 g)

Salsa: gremolata, creamy gorgonzola mayonnaise

Sides: vegetable salad, piccalilli, baked potatoes with garlic

Gourmet BBQ package (700,- Kč)

BBQ: shrimps marinated in chilli and cilantro (100 g), tuna steak (100 g), rib-eye steak (200 g)

Salsa: baked vegetables, mango & habanero, zucchini tzatziki

Sides: tomato salat, baked grenaille potatoes, grilled vegetables

One package is for one person. For more people we recommend ordering more packages or combining and mixing them as per your wish.

Some extras we are offering with our BBQ packages:

–      Caprese skewers 200 g for 120,- Kč

–      our home made Vittorio bread for 60,- kč/pc or our Grissini for 40,- Kč/10 pcs

–     chilled bottle of Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG Jeio brut for 390,- Kč

–      1l bottle of Aperol za 480,- Kč

–      wines from our wine list with 30% discount

–      chilled can of Pilsner Urquell 0,5 l for 50,- Kč

–      extra virgin BIO olive oil Centonze– 1l bottle for 600,- Kč

Just give us a call at 775 930 348.

It is possible to pick up your packages every day at Vittorio Restaurant or you can have them delivered to you wherever in Brno at the extra cost of 100kc during the week (on the weekends only upon agreement).

The only accepted method of payment is CC.