BBQ Packages for home preparation


The barbecue season is fast approaching and we would like to offer you again our awesome barbecue boxes! Leave the worries about shopping and all the preparation to us. All you need to do is start the grill and show yourself as a BBQ pro 😉 We are offering 4 BBQ boxes – Italy, Asia, Gourmet and Veggie.

BBQ box Italy (550 CZK)

For the grill:

  • diavolla chicken (100 g), rosemary, chili, garlic, lemon
  • octopus (100 g) sous-vide, thyme, oil
  • beef skirt steak (100 g)


  • tomato Tuscany
  • our BBQ sauce

Side dish:

  • grenaille, thyme, garlic
  • marinated onions and portobello in balsamic vinegar
  • lettuce, tomato, lemon-honey dressing 

BBQ box Asia  (650 CZK)

For the grill: 

  • pork pluma (100 g), ginger, chilli, cilantro, soy
  • salmon (100g) in lemon grass, lime leaves
  • Halloumi cheese, za’atar, rosemary, garlic


  • Mojo (mango, lime, red onion, coriander)
  • Hoisin, lime

Side dish: 

  • grilled vegetables
  • Asian salad, orange dressing

BBQ box Gourmet (800 CZK)

For the grill: 

  • shrimps marinated in chilli (100 g), ginger and lemon grass
  • tuna steak (100 g)
  • beef rib-eye steak (200 g)


  • Sicilian caponata
  • peppercorn sauce
  • beurre noisette, grapefruit, tarragon

Side dish:

  • grilled vegetables with Halloumi
  • corn cob, lime salt
  • mix of lettuce, balsamic modena dressing
  • rosemary grenaille

BBQ box Veggie (550 CZK)

For the grill: 

  • portobello, cacio and pepe butter
  • grilled vegetables in papillote, tomatoes, basil
  • Halloumi, onion chutney, balsamic


  • zucchini tzatziki
  • Sicilian caponata
  • chimichuri

Side dish:

  • panzanella salad
  • focaccia on the grill
  • potato baked in foil, parsley and garlic butter

One package is for 1 person. For more people you can combine more variants according to your taste.

You can order the following packages:

  • our Vittorio bread for 90 CZK/pc, Grissini for 60 CZK/10 pcs
  • Greek salad, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, real Greek yogurtvfor 170 CZK
  • 150 g mix of fresh fruit according to the seasonal offer for 140 CZK
  • 100 g confit grenaille with rosemary and garlic for 80 CZK
  • 100 g tiger prawns, chilli, coriander for 220 CZK
  • chilled bottle of Prosecco, DOCG for 390 CZK
  • wines from our wine list with a 30% discount
  • it is also possible to order aged steaks (Rib-eye, beef sirloin), sea and freshwater fish (sea bass, salmon, trout). Everything is vacuum-packed, you just need to open the package and you can grill immediately.

Order on the phone number: +420 775 930 348 or by mail:

Pick-up is possible daily in our restaurant, or we can also deliver in Brno free of charge when ordering min. 2 boxes.

Payment is possible in cash or by credit card upon delivery.

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